Thursday, March 24, 2011

REI Corp Leverages EVMI®'s EVMP® Credential Certification Training to Build world class ANSI-748B EVMS

REI Corp, a native American and US Electronics Manufacturing Electronics Company located in Mission, South Dakota, is committed to achieving full ANSI-748B and US Senate Bill S 920 EVMS compliance within one year. EVMI® is working with REI Corp to achieve and accomplish this goal. REI Corp CEO Greg Young; REI Corp Operations Director Gabe Doney and REI Corp Production Manager, Mike Haukaas discuss the benefits of EVMI®'s EVMP® program and reaching full ANSI 748B EVMS compliance in a year from now. VIEW REI Corp's Testimonial at:

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Mr. Kurt Teets, BS in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), EVMP® Shares his EVMP® Experience

Mr. Teets described his EVMP® experience as, “In over 22 years of engineering/manufacturing support I have had the opportunity to witness good and bad examples of project management on project sizes ranging from micro electronics to jumbo commercial aircraft.  Effective project management is the key to successful completion for projects of any size and complexity.  The Earned Value Management Institute® (EVMI®) provides training in the area of program management that utilizes real world examples and experiences in a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable manner.”

“Currently the projects our company completes are small and the budgeting is handled at the contract level, not the project level.  The principles of EVMP® have been implemented and already there have been improvements in on time delivery of goods to our customer.  All projects were monitored on a time scale however the method used before was in depth and time consuming taking time away from other priorities.  The principles of the Earned Value Management Institute® make program tracking a simple and hassle free task"

“I have experienced other styles of program management such as TQMS.  The training staff was not driven to see the students succeed as it was with EVMI®.  This is training that will be valuable both personally and to our company as we move ahead with government contracts in the electronics industry.”  
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Mr. Kurt Teets, BS in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), EVMP® is Senior Engineering Manager at Rosebud Electronics Integration Corporation (REI Corporation), Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry, Mission, SD, USA. To read more about EVMI® Alumni's EVMP® experience, visit:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr. Robert Ramsey, BS in Aerospace Technology, EVMP® Shares his EVMP® Experience

Mr. Ramsey described his EVMP® credential certification and training experience as, "The EVMP® course presented by Earned Value Management Institute® offers the most valuable take away knowledge of any Professional Project Management training I have experienced!  I have been through many seminars and training sessions including High Profile Project Management Training with the most experienced Instructors."

"With this course (EVMP®), presented by Earned Value Management Institute®, a thorough understanding of Earned Value Analysis & Project Controls are taught as motivating and empowering.  Completion of the EVMP® has taken Project Management to new levels of potential for me as a leader. The EVMP® has had a rejuvenating effect on  my view of Project Management. The drive and inspirational teaching from EVMI® Instruction plus the expectation of completing the EVMI® testing sets EVMP® miles higher. Having successfully completed the EVMP® certification course testing enhances the degree of confidence needed to implement all EVMP® tools to every project." 
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get Earned Value Management Professional® EVMP® Certified Today (EVMP® is Globally Recognized. EVMP® is Approved By US Federal Government's FAI)

Earned Value Management Institute®, EVMI® created the EVMI® 201: Earned Value Management Professional® EVMP® Credential Certification program to recognize specialists who have strong project controls and project management skills and meet a demanding set of competencies in program and project management; risk management; quality management; scheduling; cost management; project budgeting; project accounting; project finance; Earned Value Management (EVM) application, implementing EVM  global industry standards (ANSI-EIA-748-B): 

The EVMP® credential is awarded based on experience, education, completion of a rigorous 3 day (24 hour) EVMP® credential certification preparation program, completion of several case studies; completion of several exercises; agreeing to EVMI®'s ethical qualifications and standards; and successfully passing a four hour 200 question EVMP® credential certification examination. 
The EVMP® credential certification program provides you with all the skills sets and tools required to build a comprehensive, scalable and robust ANSI-EIA-748-B Earned Value Management System (EVMS) based on all 32 guidelines of the ANSI-748B Industry Standards. The EVMP® credential certification program covers modules on roles and functions of the Control Account Manager (CAM) and developing the Control Account Manager (CAM) notebook. Designing the EVMS Architecture; Performing Extensive EVMS GAP Analysis; Developing an EVMS Policy; Developing an EVMS System Description Documentation (SDD), and Performing EVMS Maturity Assessments are covered in the EVMP® credential certification program. The EVMP® credential program provides skills and develops technical competencies in all areas required to implement efficient and effective Earned Value Management (EVM), risk management, quality management, cost estimating, project controls and scheduling; project oversight, project transparency, project accountability and responsible project management implementation and execution on projects across industry and government. 

Additionally, through the EVMP® program, knowledge is advanced in the areas of the implementation of industry's ANSI-EIA-748-B Earned Value management industry guidelines, EVM best practices, applied EVM and earned value best approaches. The EVMP® credential will distinguish you as a Professional who has the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field of responsible project management, Earned Value Management (EVM) application and implementation; project controls application; risk and quality management monitoring; responsible project management and successful results delivery, analysis and collaborative problem solving.  

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UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT’s FAI APPROVAL: EVMP® is among eight EVMI® programs that are approved by United States Government Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) for the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM):

EVMP® INSTRUCTION: All EVMP® instructors have: dual Master of Science Degrees in Project Management and Engineering/Information Technology from accredited universities; 15 years of Earned Value Management (EVM) and Project Controls related experience; Successfully Implemented Several Validated ANSI-748 Earned Value management Systems (EVMS); are EVMI® EVMP® certified; and taught/teach at US universities and community colleges. All EVMI® EVMP® instructors are globally renowned.

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